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A Face Behind The Name...

Today, Apryl McIntosh-Smith is an Entertainment Business Entrepreneur!  Apryl started her journey naturally as a singer, realizing she loved the stage, she grew to appreciate the work and magnitude of those who played a significant role behind the scenes. Growing up, she participated in many youth oriented activities, where she became a Young Team Leader. In August 2007, Apryl yes… as a teenager then, determined that she needed to develop a way to allow her peers a means to express their artistic views and talents. By April of 2008, she had formulated a youth concert that aided her cry. Successfully Apryl hosted the annual staging of “Bridging The Ages” Some would say this was her first official mark in the industry.

As of 2008 April Landed her first job in the entertainment industry as a Studio Manager, from there she excelled in to various roles such as; booking agent, event planner, tour liaison, event coordinator, stage manager and later on Artist Management. By this time she had cemented not just her name but her expertise and today with over 10 years of experience in the Entertainment Industry Apryl has secured herself a Bachelors of Arts Degree from Full Sail University in Entertainment Business. Formulated a Business as of 2013 and also has exceedingly reputable name to date.

As she continues her professional journey, she thinks of her career as one big learning experience that continuously grows with each project and collaboration. With a dedication to functionality and a curiosity for what’s ahead of the curve, Apryl keeps her work practical, relevant and creative.

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